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Integrated Pain Management


At Integrated Pain Management…

We take a complete and total personal approach to managing your health. We strive to separate ourselves by offering the most evidence based approaches to treating musculoskeletal disorders as well as providing the highest quality patient service.

Integrated Pain Management prides itself on building high quality relationships with patients as well understanding individual needs and circumstances. Based on our combined one hundred years of clinical practice we have been witness to the fact that no two cases are alike. As such, we never approach a single case with a preconceived notion of how to treat it. We instead LISTEN…and LISTEN some more. We pride ourselves on helping patients who have been through the gamut of healthcare providers and clinics with little to no improvement in the management of their pain conditions.

Integrated Pain Management also takes pride in the fact that we have the most excellent resources to provide full patient care regardless of where they are – or where they are headed. Our clinics and surgical centers are strategically assembled so that they are completely accessible to the Chicagoland and surrounding suburban areas. This accessibility allows us to revolve around our patient’s lives, and not the other way around.

We are also blessed that Dr. Tian Xia, a modern day scientist in the field of pain, is able to offer an unmatched level of expertise on pain conditions that goes above and beyond many of our patient’s needs and expectations. Dr. Xia has been featured in a vast area of scientific journals for his research on migraines and has been touted for his mastery of the nervous system. His creations and influence have been adopted by medical programs across the world including that of the United States Navy. Dr. Xia’s passion for helping patients permeates across Integrated Pain Management and dictates a quality of care that is unmatched in his field.

If you have the opportunity to join our team, we will care for you we care for our family. We look forward to working with you and the challenges that come with it. Finally we invite you to explore the information offered here at our website and hope that you choose Integrated Pain Management as your trusted pain management provider.

Why Choose Us?

We have highly qualified neurologists working with us to handle specific categories of illnesses. The fact that they channel all their skills and knowledge on specific illnesses makes them experts in those diseases and puts them in a better position to thoroughly deal with a condition. Our specialists have dedicated all the time and efforts in handling complex conditions and disorders which have been termed as untreatable in other clinics.

Specialized Care

You and your family will get specialized care in our clinic where there are multidisciplinary experts ready to assess, diagnose and manage different neurological conditions. Some of the centers that we have include the Epilepsy center, Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis Clinic, Ataxia Center, Memory Center, Neurointensive care unit, Primary Stroke center and Sleep disorder center.

Advanced Research

Our experts are always conducting research and following advanced research by universities and various institutions. This is to ensure that our patients are getting the latest treatment methods and new effective drugs that have been researched and approved. Great examples of research outcomes include but not limited to:

  • > Vagus nerve stimulation used in intractable epilepsy

  • > Prevention of weakness using the examination of terbutaline in the management of myasthenia gravis

  • > Antegren, which is a new drug used in the prevention of relapse in multi Sclerosis.

Diagnostic Knowledge

The treatment of a condition starts with the diagnosis and the success will depend on how well the disorder is defined. For this reason, we have availed advanced diagnostic tools used by our experts in diagnosing different conditions. All our experts are highly experienced in what they do and will correctly diagnose the disorder before proceeding with the treatment and management process.

Our clinic is dedicated to providing solutions to different types of pain and we ensure that all correct medical steps are followed in the diagnosis and the treatment processes. We solely exist to treat different conditions and help the patient get back to their normal daily activities through the elimination of pain using modern treatment and management modalities.