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Integrated Pain Management

Neuropathy Pain Treatment

At Integrated Pain Management…

We offer a modern approach to comprehensively managing your pain. As a single resource for treatment, we work with you to restore your quality of life!


We take a complete and total personal approach to managing your health. We strive to separate ourselves by offering the most evidence based approaches to treating musculoskeletal disorders as well as providing the highest quality patient service.

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Integrated Pain Management prides itself on building high quality relationships with patients as well understanding individual needs and circumstances. Based on our combined one hundred years of clinical practice we have been witness to the fact that no two cases are alike. As such, we never approach a single case with a preconceived notion of how to treat it.

We instead LISTEN…and LISTEN some more. We pride ourselves on helping patients who have been through the gamut of healthcare providers and clinics with little to no improvement in the management of their pain conditions.

Integrated Pain Management also takes pride in the fact that we have the most excellent resources to provide full patient care regardless of where they are – or where they are headed. Our clinics and treatment centers are strategically located so that they are completely accessible to Chicagoland and surrounding suburban areas. This accessibility allows us to revolve around our patients lives, not the other way around.

We are also blessed that Dr. Tian Xia, a modern day scientist in the field of pain, is able to offer an unmatched level of expertise on pain conditions that goes above and beyond many of our patient’s needs and expectations.

Dr. Xia’s passion for helping patients permeates across Integrated Pain Management and dictates a quality of care that is unmatched in his field. With a keen insight into the benefits of treating the whole person, rather than isolated symptoms and areas, Dr. Xia pursued degrees in osteopathic medicine and pain management.

Dr. Xia sees this combined path as having a positive impact on many patient lives. The field is exciting and innovative because it is ever growing and changing, with new technologies and new treatments. He aims to be truly helpful in improving the quality of life for suffering individuals.

The goal of the entire practice is to accurately diagnose and precisely treat every patient’s pain. It is Dr. Xia’s mission to return patients to less painful, functional living.