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Lincoln Square Office

(312) 313-3250

4906 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60625, United States

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What do We offer At Integrated Pain Management Lincoln Square Office?

At Integrated Pain Management, we understand the importance of quality care for managing spinal conditions. Led by our spine specialist Dr. Tian Xia and his team, we provide multidisciplinary services utilizing advanced treatments from physical therapy to interventional procedures – all tailored specifically to your needs!

Through expert skill and dedication, you can rest assured that our goal is always improving function while relieving pain to help you attain a higher quality of life.

Suffering from knee pain? Integrated Pain Management is the destination for you! Our team of experienced specialists, led by Dr. Tian Xia, are devoted to providing a tailored approach and cutting-edge treatment options to help decrease your discomfort while improving mobility. Don’t hesitate – to make an appointment with us today!

Integrated Pain Management is here to help end the debilitating cycle of chronic pain. Led by renowned Doctor Tian Xia, our team specializes in treating all conditions using pharmacological, non-pharmacological and interventional methods tailored for you. We understand how these ailments can take away your quality of life; we will provide compassionate care so you can once again seize control over your well-being!

Integrated Pain Management offers highly specialized work injury management services to help patients quickly recover from workplace injuries. Our team of experts, led by Dr. Tian Xia, is focused on providing prompt diagnosis and treatment for various occupational-related conditions like back pain, repetitive strain disorders, and fractures. We strive to ensure our patients have the best possible experience – working closely with employers & insurance companies so that they can get back into their daily routine in no time!

Integrated Pain Management is Chicago’s premier accident injury management services provider. Led by esteemed Dr. Tian Xia, our highly-skilled team combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled expertise to effectively treat a range of traumas ranging from whiplash and fractures to soft tissue injuries. With dedicated treatments tailored to each patient’s unique needs, we strive to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible!

Residents of Chicago, IL 60625 can rest assured knowing Integrated Pain Management is standing by to help with issues surrounding pain relief. Our expert and highly-skilled team, spearheaded by Dr. Tian Xia, utilizes the latest techniques in testing and treatment for a wide variety of painful afflictions ranging from acute injuries to chronic conditions – all aimed at improving quality of life through optimal outcomes guaranteed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Integrated Pain Management: Dr. Tian Xia is a premier medical facility in Chicago, IL, specializing in pain relief solutions. Led by expert anesthesiologists and top pain management doctors, the clinic offers personalized, comprehensive care for chronic pain, knee pain, and spine management.

The specialist at Integrated Pain Management: Dr. Tian Xia, treats various pain conditions, including chronic pain, knee pain, and spine-related issues, utilizing evidence-based techniques to manage musculoskeletal disorders effectively.

Yes, the clinic has a dedicated knee pain center offering specialized care for patients experiencing knee pain and related issues.

Integrated Pain Management: Dr. Tian Xia stands out due to its personalized, comprehensive approach to care, expert staff of anesthesiologists and pain management doctors, and commitment to using evidence-based techniques for effective treatment.

Yes, Integrated Pain Management: Dr. Tian Xia specializes in spine and pain management, offering various treatments to effectively address spine-related issues and pain conditions.

About Chicago, IL 60625

Chicago, IL, the “Windy City,” is a bustling metropolis on Lake Michigan’s shores in Illinois. 

As the third-largest city in the United States, Chicago is known for its diverse culture, world-class architecture, and vibrant arts scene.

The city was founded in 1837 and rapidly grew into a major transportation hub, thanks to its strategic location at the junction of the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River. 

Today, Chicago boasts a population of over 2.7 million people, extending its metropolitan area well into the surrounding counties.

Chicago’s rich architectural heritage is one of its most striking features, with iconic buildings such as the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), the John Hancock Center, and the Tribune Tower dotting its skyline. 

The city is also home to the Chicago River, which runs through its downtown, and whose banks are adorned with beautiful riverwalks and promenades.


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“I found that Dr. Xai was extremely helpful and Hands-On with all my pain concerns. I recommend anybody to go and see him to fix any pain problem you have he knows what to do.”


“My name is diane Great staff very nice an helpfull at all there location .Dr XIA VERY GOOD Doctor FIRST TIME VISIT HIM ONE MONTH AGO WITH REAL BACK PAIN GAVE ME A SHOT IN MY BACK AN NO MORE BACK PAIN I RECOMEND ANy to integrated pain management clinic if u suffered with backpain”