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Tratamiento Integrado Del Dolor

Asistente médico Stacia Jones

Asistente médico Stacia Jones

Stacia is a physician assistant born and raised in Georgia. She graduated with an undergraduate biology degree from North Georgia College and continued her education at South University’s P.A. program in Savannah, GA in 2014.

Stacia tiene experiencia en neurocirugía, ortopedia, atención de urgencias, manejo del dolor intervencionista y medicina regenerativa.

She performs comprehensive evaluations, intra-articular, nerve block, viscosupplementation, and muscular injections along with chronic wound care with regenerative techniques.

Ella crea un ambiente acogedor con sus pacientes y al mismo tiempo brinda una atención excelente.

Stacia is happily married with a beautiful child and two energetic dogs as well as being a lifelong athlete.

She is currently a powerlifter with multiple Illinois records, nationally competitive, and was invited to compete at the international level in 2022.