Integrated Pain Management

Lumbar Interspinous Fixation With Fusion

Patented Technology, New Outpatient, Same Day Surgery

The Inspan technique is a new way to treat spine problems using simple and safe Less Exposure Surgery (LES) Technique. This procedure is indicated for degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis and facet arthropathy.

Inspan unique interlaminar design allows for decompression and distraction while maintaining lordosis. With less than a two inch incision and only one hour surgery, you’ll be on your way home that same day.

Inspan treats the underlying problem causing pain. It is an implant used in a minimally invasive technique that can provide lasting relief.

Inspan opens the spinal canal and the foramen to relieve nerve compression, restores disc height, decompresses and fixates the facet joints to immobilize them for the bony surfaces to fuse.

Integrated Pain Management

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